Healing and liberation through fasting

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Rediscovering the power of fasting: the "bread and water" fast, together with prayer, is a powerful weapon for stopping wars, even those that we fight in our hearts and in our families (wars of hate, of judgement, of bitterness) and it is an incredibly powerful weapon for defeating evil. Fasting creates "space" that the Holy Spirit can then occupy within us, it turns us into useful "tools" in the hands of Our Lady, so that we can collaborate in the God's plan. And that's not all: fasting can also heal and help the souls of the departed in Purgatory.

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Content "Healing and liberation through fasting" :
• The basics of fasting.
• The value of fasting and the invitation to fast.
• The fruits of fasting.
• How to fast.
• How to explain fasting to children.
• Questions and answers.
• Suggestions for preparing the bread.
• Recipes for preparing the bread.
• Prayers for the day of fasting.

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