Pray the Holy Rosary every day, pray together

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Before every important decision…before every action…pick up your Rosary…The Rosary can do miracles in your life!" Pray the Holy Rosary every day, pray together"!In life it is difficult to make decisions, we often tend to postpone them, to let others decide for us, we often prefer to get drawn in by events, follow the fashion of the moment; sometimes we know what we have to do, but we do not have the courage or it seems too difficult because it means going against the tide. Mary at the Annunciation, the Visitation, at the wedding in Cana goes against the current, Mary went against the current; she listened to God, reflected and sought to understand reality, and decided to rely totally on God…

Pope Francis

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Content of "Pray the Holy Rosary every day, pray together":
• The importance of the Rosary.
• The history of the Rosary.
• The structure and timing of the Rosary.
• How to pray the Rosary.
• Pray the Rosary every day.
• Only the Rosary can work wonders in our lives.
• Meditate every day ... with the Rosary.
• Appendices.

  • Autore: Padre Slavko Barbaric, ofm
  • EAN / ISBN: 9788886616140
  • Pagine: 256
  • Formato: 11,8x19
  • Anno: 2013
  • Peso: 0.277 Kg
  • Libri per: Libro di preghiera, Libro per conoscere e meditare
  • Lingua: Inglese